Financial Assistance from the Israel Cancer Association (Service)

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The Israel Cancer Association provides financial assistance for cancer patients
The assistance is intended for low-income cancer patients and for those whose economic situation has worsened as the result of their illness
  • The ICA provides basic, nominal and one-time financial assistance to low-income cancer patients.
  • The money comes from donations.

Service providers

Target audience and prerequisites

  • Cancer Patients with below-average income.
  • Post-diagnosis cancer patients who meet all of the following three criteria:
  1. Have stopped working due to their illness;
  2. Have not yet received National Insurance Institute benefits;
  3. Have suffered a worsened personal economic situation.

How to receive this service

  • A social worker at the hospital/treatment facility/health plan must submit a request to the ICA.
  • In order to receive assistance, you must present a bank account printout for the last three months.
  • A response to the application will be given within approximately one month. If financial assistance is approved, a check will be sent directly to the applicant's home.

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