Purchase Tax Discount on Residential Property for People with Disabilities (Right)

From All Rights (Kol-Zchut) (www.kolzchut.org.il)


People with disabilities may be entitled to a reduced purchase tax when purchasing a home in which they will live, in accordance with the conditions detailed below
The right is limited to two purchases (the discount may only ever be used twice)
The tax payment will be 0.5% of the value of the purchase
For more information, see the the National Insurance Institute website

People with disabilities may be entitled, in accordance with the relevant conditions, to pay a reduced purchase tax of 0.5% when purchasing a home in which they will live.

Who is Eligible?

How to Claim It?

Medical Committee

Please Note

  • A purchase tax refund may only ever be received twice.
  • If a couple is buying a residence in order to live in it and one of the partners has disabilities as described above, then they are both entitled to the discount. If the couple was not married when the residence was purchased, they are entitled to a reimbursement if they get married within 12 months of signing the purchase contract.

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