The Medical Institute for Road Safety's Vehicle Size Committee determines eligibility for a "special vehicle" and special accessories for those with limited mobility
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Individuals with limited mobility who believe that they cannot drive or use a vehicle approved for them in accordance with the Mobility Agreement due to physical or driving-related limitations, or if they require special accessories, are entitled to be examined at the Medical Institute for Road Safety to determine if they are eligible for a "special vehicle" and customized accessories.

  • Every request for "special vehicle" approval requires an examination at the Medical Institute for Road Safety before purchase, even if the applicant was previously examined at the Institute.

Who and How to Contact

Vehicle Size Committee

  • After submitting the request, the applicant is invited to the Medical Institute for Road Safety to appear before the Vehicle Size Committee, which is comprised of a specialty physician, a technical adviser and a committee secretary.
  • The Vehicle Size Committee convenes at HaArbaa St. 12 in Tel Aviv (on the first floor of the Ministry of Health bureau building).
    • Public reception hours for questions and clarifications are on Tuesdays, 12:00-14:00.
    • A call center (Tel: ‎03-5634731 ) operates Sunday-Thursday, 8:00-18:00 and Fridays, 8:00-13:00.
  • Applicants living in the Hadera area and further north who do not drive will be examined in the Medical Institute for Road Safety offices in Haifa, located at Palyam Blvd. 15a, Government District, Building B, Floor 20, Haifa.
  • Applicants living in the Hadera area and further north who do drive must be examined at the Medical Institute for Road Safety in Tel Aviv because the "indicator" device for fitting driving accessories is located there only.
  • Requests to appear before the committee are generally sent by mail, though in exceptional circumstances applicants may be contacted by phone. The written request to appear before the committee will include a detailed listing of the documentation that must be brought to the hearing.
  • Applicants submitting a request as a driver must also undergo an examination of medical fitness to drive and an "indicator" examination (performed with a special instrument for matching and fitting driving accessories). This examination requires payment of a fee. The fee amount is the amount specified for “Payment for Reviewing Documents” on the Government Service Payments website.
  • Before going to the committee hearing, the applicant should check which representative vehicle was determined for him/her by the National Insurance Institute Mobility Department.
  • Applicants must bring the following to the committee hearing:
    • All permanent accessories such as: prosthetic limbs, oxygen equipment, feeding equipment, crutches, walker, etc.
    • Photo ID
    • Up-to-date medical documentation
  • Those who use a standard/motorized wheelchair must come with it, as well as:
    • Ministry of Health documentation regarding the purchase of the wheelchair
    • Technical specifications
    • A physical therapist's report
  • Applicants must arrive with all required documentation half an hour prior to the scheduled time.
  • Entry to the committee is not necessarily according to the order of arrival. (There may be cases in which, depending on the circumstances, those who arrived later may go in to see the committee before others who arrived before them.)
  • Those appearing before the committee may come with an escort, such as a family member, lawyer, translator, etc.
  • Prior to going in to see the committee, the committee staff will review each applicant's documents and personal file.
  • Applicants will present their personal medical condition to the committee, indicating the type of vehicle they own, whether the vehicle's suitability to their disability has been examined, as well as the type of vehicle they are requesting.
  • The committee doctor then performs a physical examination, considering and referring to the relevant medical documentation and the type of disability.
  • Withing 30 days of the committee meeting, a protocol summary will be sent to the applicant and the National Insurance Institute (unless additional medical or other information was required).
  • Upon receiving the protocol, applicants must contact the nearest National Insurance Institution branch in order to clarify eligibility/entitlement.

Repeat Driving Test

  • It is possible that the Institute doctor will request that the applicant undergo a repeat driving test due to a change in the manner of driving because of the special accessories.
  • Those who have been requested to undergo a repeat driving test and have passed it successfully must send a photocopy of the new driver's license to the committee, including the declaration form they received with the protocol. These documents may be faxed to: ‎03-5310284 .


  • Appeals to committee decisions must be submitted in writing through the National Insurance Institute. (Appeals may not be submitted to the committee.)

Please Note

  • Those interested in replacing the wheelchair in their possession should only submit the request for examination to the committee after receiving the new wheelchair in order to avoid delays in handling of their case or a repeat summons to appear before the committee after having received the new wheelchair.
  • Applicants required to travel in order to appear before the committee who cannot do so on public transportation due to the state of their health, may be entitled to a reimbursement for travel costs if they do not receive a Monthly Mobility Allowance for Vehicle Owners.
  • In order to check eligibility to receive transportation cost reimbursements, applicants must bring documentation from the Medical Institute manager indicating that they cannot use public transportation, in addition to relevant original transportation receipts.