Those receiving an Old Age Pension with income suppport are entitled to an exemption from co-payments on various healthcare services
They are also entitled discounts on the purchase of medications included in the healthcare basket
For a full listing of the discounts and exemptions, see the Ministry of Health's English website

Those receiving an Old Age Pension with income support are entitled to an exemption from co-payments for a variety of health fund medical services.

List of Services

  • Secondary Doctors: Specialty doctors, including psychiatrists that are not primary care doctors (see below) as well as dietitians and podiatrists.
    • Primary doctors are general doctors (that are not specialists) and specialty doctors in family medicine, internal medicine, gynecology and pediatrics. There are no co-payments for visits to primary care doctors.
  • Out-patient Clinics: Clinics run in the framework of general hospitals (including mental health clinics in general hospitals).
  • Institutes:
    • Imaging institutes: x-rays, ultrasounds, nuclear medicine, CT, echocardiograms, MRI.
    • Diagnostic institutes: EEG, EMG, audiometry, ergometry
    • Institute for gastroenterology and the institute for sleeping problems

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Who is Eligible?

How to Claim It?

  • Exemption from paying for the specific services should be granted automatically in accordance with the records provided to the health plans from the National Insurance Institute.
  • For information and clarifications regarding National Insurance Institute records and benefits, call 02-6462000 on Monday to Friday between 09:00 and 13:00.

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