General Disability Pension recipients who begin to work, continue receiving the benefit at a rate based on their income
The total amount of work income and the disability pension will always be higher than the sum of the disability pension itself
To calculate the pension amount based on the amount of income from work, you can use an online calculator or phone calculator: 02-6463555
For more information see Information on the Amended Laron Law:It is more worthwhile to go out to work on the The Commission for Equal Rights of Persons with Disabilities website and General Disability - Work and Receive a Disability Pension on the National Insurance Institute website.

Clip from the National Insurance about the Laron Law

General Disability Pension recipients who begin to work, continue receiving the benefit at a rate based on their income.

  • Any income that doesn't come from working (such as pension, supplements or property income) will not affect the basic benefit, but only the Supplements.
  • The follow rights will not be affected if a person starts to work so as he/she is still eligible for a disability pension:
  • Those who have partial disability (74%, 65% or 60%) that receive a dependents' supplement and begin to earn 2,032 NIS or more, will receive a full supplement (100%) instead of the partial supplement they would have received before.

Amount of the allowance according to the percentage of disability

Who is Eligible?

How to claim it?

  • A general disability pension recipient that begins to work must notify the National Insurance Institute as such as send them his/her payslips.
  • The payslips can be submitted online, by fax, by mail or through the branch box.
  • One whose salary changes after he/she begins to work should send updated payslips to the National Insurance Institute in the manner listed above.

Health Insurance Contributions

  • Paying Health Insurance Contributions are deducted from the disability pension. If a person starts working then the health insurance contributions are deducted from his/her salary.
  • Deductions of health insurance contributions from the disability benefit will stop after a person receives his/her first payslip and the beginning of employment is reported to the National Insurance Institute.

One who stops working

  • Someone who stops working and still has a valid established level of disability will receive the same disability pension he/she received before he/she started to work. Additional tests and submitting a new claim are not necessary.
  • In order for this to happen one needs submit a "confirmation of termination from the employer"
  • The confirmation can be submitted by online, by fax, by mail or through the branch box.
  • One can also check his/her eligibility severance pay or income supplements.

An employee that doesn't receive a benefit and submits a claim

  • An employee that does not receive a disability pension and wants to submit a pension claim, is eligible to do so if his/her salary is below 60% of the average wage - 5,944 NIS per month (as of 2018) and if he/she meets the rest of the conditions of eligibility.
  • If the claim is approved and the person starts receiving a disability pension, he/she can earn more money and still continue to receive the pension according to his/her established degree of disability.

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