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|  02-6762044
|  02-6762044
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== Government agencies == <!-- גורמי ממשל -->
== Government agencies == <!-- גורמי ממשל -->

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All of the information you need regarding your rights and coronavirus

On this page we have organized the information you need to know regarding your rights and the coronvirus outbreak in Israel. It is important to stay updated on the Ministry of Health website and on the designated telegram channel. Wishing a speedy recovery to all those who are sick!

On 16.03.2020 the government and Ministry of Finance publicized a set of decisions. As soon as we have exact details we will update this website. Please wait patiently.

Exemptions for People in Quarantine

Informational Videos

Informational Video on the Ministry of Health website
Magen David Adom - Corona virus
English Video on the Ministry of Health website

Aid Organizations - Designated Centers

Information, Guidance and Support

Organization Center details and website link Hotline number
The New Workers Union (Histadrut) Information hotline regarding rights in the workplace during the coronavirus crisis 2383*
"Be-Atzmi" On My Own Emergency hotline for coping and support in the area of employment 2119*
Israel Consumers Council Consumer Services Hotline 1-700-727-888
Eran and the Israel Trauma Coalition Help hotline for those suffering from corona related anxiety 1201 שלוחה 6
The Disabled IDF Veterans Organization Mental health and support hotline for Disabled IDF Veterans 1-800-363-363
ALEH Hotline for families of children and adults with disabilities 1-800-201-077

Assistance for those in home quarantine

Organization Center details and website link Hotline number
Yad Sarah Delivery of medical equipment to the house 02-6444639
Lev Echad Assistance with shopping, gathering medications etc. 02-6762044

Government agencies

Laws & Regulations

Additional publications