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* [http://www.maccabi4u.co.il/4749-he/Maccabi.aspx Information for Maccabi policyholders]
* [http://www.maccabi4u.co.il/4749-he/Maccabi.aspx Information for Maccabi policyholders]
== Credits == <!--מקורות-->
== Credits == <!--מקורות-->
*Original translation by [[AACI - Association of Americans and Canadians in Israel|AACI]]'s [[The Shira Pransky Project|Shira Pransky Project]].
* {{קרדיט/פרויקט שירה פרנסקי}}

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The health plans provide funding towards dental care for cancer patients
Oncology patients who receive radiation therapy, as well as those who receive surgical treatment in the maxillofacial area, are entitled to dental care.
If a connection between the cancer treatment and harm to the patient's teeth has been proven, the health plan will provide funding towards dental care.

If a patient's teeth have been harmed as the result of chemotherapy or radiation treatments in the head/neck area, a partial reimbursement for dental care may be received from the health plan through the framework of The Healthcare Basket.

  • Prior to chemotherapy/radiation treatment, the health plan will pay for 50% of preservative and restorative treatment costs, according to the health plan's dental clinic prices.
  • Following chemotherapy/radiation treatment, full coverage of preservative and restorative treatment costs will be provided, according to the health plan's dental clinic prices. A request must be submitted within 24 months of concluding the treatment.
  • Preservative and restorative treatment is provided for those under age 30 who received radiation treatment in the head/neck area at an early age due to a malignancy, which irreversibly damaged temporary and permanent dental development.

Who is Eligible?

  • Cancer patients whose teeth have been damaged as the result of cancer treatment.

How to Claim It?

  • Those applying for the treatment or reimbursement must have a letter from an oncologist detailing the cancer treatments that were provided.

Please Note

  • The dental care will be provided in health plan clinics or in dental offices that have arrangements with the health plan. Treatments in any other framework require prior health plan approval in order to receive a reimbursement.

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Laws and Regulations

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