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{{עצם העניין}}{{סוג ערך|זכות}}
{{עצם העניין}}
{{תקציר |תוכן=
{{תקציר |תוכן=
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<!-- יש לכתוב תגיות כאן בתחתית -->
<!-- יש לכתוב תגיות כאן בתחתית -->
|סוג ערך = זכויות
|תחום תוכן = Rights
[[he:משאבת אינסולין לחולי סוכרת]]
[[he:משאבת אינסולין לחולי סוכרת]]

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Individuals with Diabetes or Juvenile Diabetes that require insulin injections are entitled to receive an insulin pump from their Kupat Cholim based on their doctor's referral
The equipment needed to operate the pump is also included
The pump is given to the patient free of charge
For more information see the Ministry of Health's Kol Habriut website

Diabetics are entitled to receive an insulin pump from their Kupat Cholim as part of The Healthcare Basket; with a doctor's referral and according to the conditions detailed below.

  • Eligibility to receive the insulin pump includes replacing the consumables that are required to operate the pump, without cost, including the following items:
    • An infusion set for the pump, insulin container with needle, needles and tubes to install the device, rechargeable or consumable batteries (depending on the device), replaceable battery charger (according to the manufacturer's instructions), disinfection equipment, bandages, a carry case (with reasonable wear and tear).
    • Any other components included in the manufacturers instructions.

Who is Eligible?

  • Diabetic children and adults suffering from neuro-hypoglycemic episodes expressed through sudden loss of consciousness, confusion, and behavioral changes without prior autonomic signs.
  • Diabetics suffering from recurrent attacks of ketosis, acidosis and hypoglycemia that require hospitalization.
  • Diabetics whose level of HbA1c is 7.5 and above.
  • Diabetics who receive intensive therapy including three or more injections of insulin per day, but still were not able to reach their targeted balance levels.
  • Women with type 1 diabetes Juvenile Diabetes that suffered from diabetes before and during pregnancy.
  • Individuals with type 2 diabetes that suffer severe insulin resistance or who are treated with high doses of insulin above 1 unit per kg that do not reach the recommended sugar levels.
  • Children with congenital hyperinsulinemia - with special permission of a licensed medical agent at the Kupat Cholim.

How to Claim It?

  • Insulin pumps are given free of charge, by the Kupat Cholim according to a referral from the treating doctor or endocrinologist.

Please Note

  • Insulin pump for infants - In cases where a baby is connected to an insulin pump and the baby tears the wires to the pump, the Health Plan Exceptions Committee can be contacted, along with the appropriate medical recommendation, to request permission to fund the purchase of a wireless pump. For further information see Appealing to the Health Plan Exceptions Committee.
  • The Kupot Cholim provide additional devices and medical equipment that are not included in The Healthcare Basket, such as a blood glucose meter, generally for deductible, and in some cases for free, based on the arrangements of each Kupat Cholim. For further information, it is recommended to contact your Kupat Cholim.


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