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== Aid Organizations == <!-- ארגוני סיוע -->
== Aid Organizations == <!-- ארגוני סיוע -->
* [[:he:האגודה הישראלית לסוכרת|The Israel Diabetes Association]]
{{הטמעת כותרת|Health and Illness/Aid Organizations#Diabetes}}
* [[:he:האגודה לסוכרת נעורים בישראל|The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation of Israel]]
* [[:he:האגודה לזכויות החולה בישראל|The Society for Patients Rights in Israel]]
* [[:he:עמותת כפר נהר הירדן|Jordan River Village]] - Free vacation for seriously ill children
* [[:he:טנא בריאות|Tene Briut]] - Prevention, detection and treatment of chronic diseases for the Ethiopian community
* [[:HE:עזר מציון|Ezer Mizion]]
* [[:HE:יד שרה|Yad Sarah]]
* [[:he:עזרה למרפא|Ezra Le'marpeh]]
== Government Agencies == <!-- גורמי ממשל -->
== Government Agencies == <!-- גורמי ממשל -->

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This portal contains information related to type 1 diabetes, which is also known as juvenile diabetes.

Individuals with juvenile diabetes being treated with insulin or other medications are considered to be chronically ill and are thus entitled to various benefits from the health plans and related to various medical services. Due to the fact that each health plan has different policies, it always recommended to clarify all relevant rights and entitlements with your health plan.

For specific information on medications and medical equipment provided to individuals with juvenile diabetes, visit the Ministry of Health's "Health Voice" website (in Hebrew).

For more information on type 2 diabetes, see: Diabetes.



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