{{דגשים Kidney disease can develop acutely or chronically and can cause a decline in kidney function.

  • Acute kidney failure occurs when there is a sudden injury to the kidneys (such as from an injury or from certain toxic substances). This situation is generally reversible and the kidneys can return to their normal functioning.
  • Chronic kidney failure is when there is a chronic injury that can cause a gradual decline in kidney function and cause damage to organ functions and other systems in the body. Patients may suffer from fatigue, decreased work capacity, anemia, nausea, vomiting, and foot edema and heart failure.
  • If the condition becomes more severe and the patient's life is in danger, an alternative for a non-functioning kidney must be used. The options are dialysis treatment or a kidney transplant. For more information see Organ Transplants.




Patients undergoing dialysis treatment must come into a clinic for treatment sessions a number of times per week for an extended period of time.

  • For many, this causes problems related to absence from work, transportation and parking costs at the hospital or dialysis center etc. There are a number of different rights and benefits to which dialysis patients can take advantage of, in an effort to ease the process for patients during this time period.
  • This page provides information regarding the rights and benefits entitled to dialysis patients.

Rights specific to Children

Rights specific to Adults

Rights through the Ministry of Health

  • Kidney failure being treated by dialysis is found on the Ministry of Health's list of serious illnesses, meaning that such patients are eligible for exemption from payment for various medical services.
  • Considered to be chronically ill, dialysis patients are eligible for a medication payment ceiling for purchasing medications included in the healthcare basket. It is recommended to only use this right as a supplement to the exemption from payment for medications (in accordance with each health plan's procedures) included as part of the entitlement listed above for those considered to have a "serious illness".
  • Dialysis patients who go to the emergency room are exempt from emergency room and treatment costs.

Travel and Parking

Additional Rights and Benefits

Aid organizations

  • For a comprehensive categorized listing of healthcare organizations offering assistance and support, click here.

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