Low vision rehabilitation services are designed to improve visual function and allow normative function as much as possible.
An array of different services provided authorized providers for the Blind at a subsided fee.


  • An array of different services provided by optometrists specializing in low vision, device instructors and social workers in exchange for a subsidized fee.
  • The services include visual functioning diagnoses, device fittings, lending of devices and practice using them.

Service Providers

  • The service is provided by low vision rehabilitation institutes across the country, under the auspices of Services for the Blind.

Target Population and Audience

  • The service is provided to the following populations:
    • One who holds a Certificate of Blindness/Visual Impairment.
    • One who doesn't have a Certificate of Blindness, but they have a visual capacity between 3/60 - 6/24, or a field of vision above 20 degrees after optimal correction.
    • The visually impaired who suffer from impaired functioning due to vision that cannot be improved through conventional medicine.

How to receive the service?

  • Those who are interested may contact the low vision rehabilitation centers directly or via referal.
  • Applicants should have basic medical background information available

Listing of Low Vision Rehabilitation Centers

Tel: 03-6880523, 03-6880560, Fax: 03-6875696, Email:
Tel: 077-7721333, Fax: 077-7721321, Email:
Tel: 02-6232895, Fax: 02-6257552, Email:

Cost of the Service

  • The service is funded by the Ministry of Social Affairs and is subsided for users.
  • The subsidy rate can be found Rate of Service to Blind (section 8 - low vision rehabilitative services]

Laws and Regulations