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[[he:הנחה בארנונה לעיוורים ולקויי ראיה]]
[[he:הנחה בארנונה לעיוורים ולקויי ראיה]]
[[ar:تخفيض في الأرنونا للمكفوفين وذوي الإعاقات البصرية]]

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Those who hold a Certificate of Blindness/Visual Impairment are entitled to a 90% discount on Municipality taxes (Arnona)
This discount is given on the entire apartment area
For additional information regarding discounts on Muncipal Taxes see the Ministry of the Interior website.


Holders of a certificate of blindness are eligible to up to 90% discount on municipal property tax.

  • The discount is given on the entire apartment area
  • The exact extent of the discount is determined individually by each local authority.

Who is Eligible?

How to Claim It?

  • Contact the local authority’s municipal tax collection department and fill out an arnona discount request form.
  • Some municipality websites have forms that can be downloaded and filled out in advance, for example: Request form from the Tel Aviv municipality website.
  • It is important to bring: a photocopy of both sides of the applicant's certificate of blindness and a photocopy of their identification card (teudat zehut).
  • The number of roommates in the apartment must be specified, if relevant.
  • If those living in a residence are entitled to different discounts, a weighted discount will be given according to relative area of the property.
  • If the municipal property tax bill does not appear in the name of the person requesting the discount, a lease/purchase contract must be presented in order to change it to the name of the person requesting the discount.
  • Retroactive discounts may be given by some local municipalities in accordance with their specific guidelines

Please Note

  • The municipality reserves the right to check the information on the discount request form by all means at its disposal.
  • Applicants who own more than one residence are only entitled to the discount on one property (the residence in which he/she lives).

Laws and Regulations

Government Agencies