Senior citizens who meet the relevant conditions of eligibility may receive assistance from the local authorities, including a personal caregiver at home

</div> Senior citizens meeting the relevant conditions of eligibility may receive assistance through their local social services department's social workers.

  • In accordance with the individualized program, this assistance may include a personal caregiver who will come to the senior citizen's home.
  • The personal caregiving services will be provided by a paraprofessional who has received instructions from the social worker.
  • The services may be provided for a period of up to 6 months, at the end of which, the need for the services will be reassessed.
  • The types of services that can be provided include:
    1. Assistance shaving, going shopping and running errands, accompaniment to medical appointments - Up to 30 hours/month.
    2. Assistance with housekeeping such as cleaning, laundry, cooking and ironing - Up to 40 hours/month.
    3. A combination of these two types of services (personal caregiving and housekeeping) - Up to 70 hours/month.
    4. Assistance from a paraprofessional - For seniors who are frail, alone and/or childless, are homebound (permanently or temporarily) and not entitled to a Long-Term Care Benefit. This type of assistance is given to those who do not require much assistance (up to 10 hours/month), and includes:
      • On-going follow-up - Home visits, checking in by phone and updating the social worker on the senior's condition.
      • Brief and basic assistance - Accompaniment to the bank, to appointments or treatments, assistance and accompaniment when moving to a nursing home, shopping for basic household items such as furniture and electrical appliances (with social worker approval), assistance filling out forms and filling prescriptions.
      • Intervention in times of emergency, crisis or illness - Ordering hot meals, calling handymen/electricians, etc., accompaniment during an evacuation, temporary caregiving services when the regular caregiver is unable to come.
      • Other seasonal services such as bringing holidays gifts and supplies for winter (if this is not already being done by volunteers).

Who is Eligible?

  • Senior citizens (women over age 62 and men over age 67) in accordance with the relevant income tests.
  • Priority is given to seniors for whom one or more of the following apply:
  • In rare cases special approval may be given for assistance to those who are already entitled to a Long-Term Care Benefit.

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