Days that an employee misses because of a requirement to be in quarantine because of suspicion of coronavirus will be counted as sick days and the employee is entitled to Sick Pay
Instead of contacting your family doctor for a sick note, the employee should obtain a certificate of widespread illness from the Ministry of Health, sign a declaration of absence and attach proof of the day he left a country that requires quarantine upon return to Israel
The employee should report his quarantine as well as his address, or place he will be staying during the quarantine to the Ministry of Health by calling *5400 or by filling out the online form
It is Prohibited to Fire an Employee who is absent from Work because of Quarantine for Suspected Coronavirus and it is forbidden to ask or allow him to come to work even if he is interested in going

Days that an employee misses because of a requirement to be in quarantine because of suspicion of coronavirus will be considered as sick days and therefore the employee is entitled to Sick Pay during the period he misses work due to quarantine.

  • The employee receives no payment for the first sick day.
  • The employee receives 50% of his salary for the second day.
  • The employee receives 50% of his salary for the third day.
  • From the fourth day and on the employee will receive his full salary.
  • If it is customary in his workplace that employees are paid their full salaries from the first day of absence then the same should be true in this case.
In the media there have been reports that an employee in quarantine will receive an extra 14 Sick Days in addition to the days they have already accrued. The significance of this is that the days of quarantine will not come at expense of an employee's accrued sick days. The right to these additional days is supposed to come from an Minister of Health order. This order has not yet been given. Therefore, until otherwise publicized, days will be deducted from the employee's accrued sick days. If the employee does not have enough sick days then the days will be deducted from his salary (meaning he will not receive payment for sick days beyond the number he has accrued).
The Ministry of Health and Biolong ltd. have launched an app providing information and support regarding the coronavirus. Through the app people in quarantine can report symptoms daily directly to their HMO and can report additional information if they are found to be sick with or carriers of the virus. For additional information see Application for Information and Support Regarding Coronavirus.

Who is Eligible?

  • A person who was in China (even for a short period of time) in January 2020 and after and returned to Israel (even if it was via another country) who must quarantine for 14 days from the last day he was in China.
  • A person who was in Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Macau, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Italy, France, Switzerland, Spain or Austria during February 2020 and after, who must be in quarantine for 14 days from the day he was last in one of those countries.
  • Family members of people who visited any of the above countries and returned to Israel, for 14 days from their last exposure to said family member.
  • Anyone who was in the same room, classroom, transportation vehicle (within a distance of 2 seats) with a person that has the virus, for 14 days from the time they were exposed to said person.
Salaried employees only have the right to use paid vacation days. As of today, self-employed workers will not be compensated for their income lost due to quarantine.

How to Claim It?

  • A person in quarantine must immediately report where he lives or where he will be in quarantine to the Ministry of Health. This can be reported in one of two ways:
  • The employee must notify his employer of his quarantine and send the employer the following documents:
    1. A Certificate of Widespread Illness issued by the Ministry of Health (this is a general certificate for all employees)
    2. A Declaration of Absence which must include the following details:
    • The employee's name
    • The employee's ID number
    • The period for which the employee can't come to work because of the quarantine
    • The last day the employee was in an affected country, or the last day that the employee was exposed to someone with the virus
    1. Proof of the date that he left an affected country, so that he can receive Sick Pay.
The current text of the Certificate of Widespread Illness only refers to China but is applicable as a certificate of illness from the other countries as well.

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