This portal contains information regarding the education of Children with Special Needs, whether in the special education system or through integration into the reguler education system.

According to The Special Education Law, children with special needs between the ages of 3 and 21 are entitled to free special education. Parents of toddlers younger than 3 with special needs may find a suitable framework for their children privately (private therapy, private daycare, etc.). Alternatively, they may also contact the Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services, which is responsible for placement of young children through its local social services offices. The parents should request assistance with integrating their children into a normal day care center or placement in a rehabilitative daycare center.

From age 3, the child's education is the responsibility of the Ministry of Education, which provides its services through local authority education departments. Educational options range from integration into a regular education framework to placement in special education. (Source: Kesher)



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