All Rights (Kol Zchut) was established with the goal of allowing everyone to become familiar with all the Rights and Entitlements that are available for them in all aspects of life, and to learn how to realize these Rights in the most simple and efficient way possible. All Rights is intended for use by the public at large, as well as by the municipalities, organizations and centers that assist the general public with access to rights and realizing them.

The All Rights portal is a non-profit, collaborative project, built and maintained by a large group of Israeli experts.

So, to what are you entitled? To get to know them, browse one of our content areas, or enter your search query here:

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Low Income Families AAA
There is much more. In Hebrew... Initial Projects such as: Women Rights , Arabs, Information Society ,

Noise, Traffic Accidents Victims , Single Parent Families , Repatriated Israelis, New Immigrants, Rehabilitate Prisoners and Criminal Justice,

' Initial Mapping of Domains (Hebrew)

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All Rights is a non-profit organization whose aim is to establish a multilingual national information repository on the Internet about the rights granted, in all aspects of life, to residents of the country, and the ways in which these rights can be realized.

The content on the Web site is written by rights experts who work in the public sector, in organizations and associations, and in academic institutions.

The main problem we are trying to address is the low rate of social rights realization among all residents of the country, but especially among the weaker strata of the population.

The All Rights portal is funded by donations and employs a small team of employees whose job is to assist rights experts with publishing content on the site. The team also teaches those who assist Israeli residents realize their rights how to use the system.

Short History and Status

  • We started developing the site in November 2009 and in recent months have concentrated on establishing knowledge communities for specific content areas.
  • The site was silently released for use by the general public on September 16, 2010
  • Public launch was done in late November 2010
  • We received great support from the Government, NGO's and Universities
  • By late May 2011 we crossed the 10,000 unique visitors per week.
  • Adjusting to USA population size this translates to about 500,000 unique visitors per week!
  • Currently, we are concentrating on expanding the knowledge communities and uploading additional content areas to the site.

All Rights Principles

It is recommended that All Rights visitors and editors read the initiative’s work principles:

Second chapter

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Israel official language is Hebrew and as such All Rights prime site is in Hebrew. In our quest to serve the whole population of Israel, All Rights (Kol Zchut) faces some very interesting challenges:

  • Israel second official language is Arabic, but the amount of translations of legal materials is minimal
  • There is a very large Russian speaking 'Olim' (immigrants) population
  • There is a large population of Ethiopian 'Olim' (immigrants) that speak various languages
  • The above populations are also those where entitlements consumption is low!
  • On top of that there is an on-going flow of Olim (immigrants) that need information in English, French and Spanish

All Rights is a very large data base of information about Rights and Entitlements. As such, the cost of maintaining a truly up-to-date, comprehensive multilingual environment is huge.

We have decided to take a practical approach that follows these principles:

  • Develop the technology that will help us maintain at minimal cost multiple translations
  • Initial focus on Arabic translations. Luckily we have very strong partners in this area.
  • In many cases translate only page titles that lead to Hebrew content. The idea is that most Arab-speaking citizens also have a fair understanding of Hebrew
  • We assume this also holds for many immigrants
  • We intend to start also Russian translations before the end of 2011