A foreign nursing care worker that lives in the patient's home is entitled to a weekly rest period of 25 hours
The employer is required to clarify the weekly rest period to the worker verbally and in writing
A worker that works during his weekly rest period is entitled to be paid 150% of his regular salary
See a court ruling on this subject in the "court ruling" section below

Foreign nursing care workers that live in their patients' homes, are entitled to a weekly rest period of 25 hours.

  • The weekly rest period includes one of the days: Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, as is customary for the worker as his weekly day of rest.
  • The employer must make it clear to the nursing care worker living in the patient's home that he is entitled to a rest period of 25 consecutive hours - written in the employment agreement, and said verbally.
  • The employer must specify in advance that during the rest period the worker may, at his discretion, stay at the patient's home or leave.
  • Before the rest period, it must be emphasized to the foreign nursing care worker that during his break he is exempt from any work and commitment to the patient, and that the employer or person on his behalf is not entitled to demand anything from him, even if the worker chooses to stay in the patient's home during his rest period.
  • The employer is not entitled to make regarding these provisions contingent on anything in the employment agreement.
  • For further details, see the court ruling on this matter below.
  • It is recommended that prior to the beginning of employment, the foreign worker and his employer consult for the purpose of prior written consent regarding the worker's working and rest hours and the compensation due to him for work during rest hours. Consultations may be directed to the Ombudsman for Foreign Workers' Rights or organizations assisting in the field (see the section on aid organizations below).

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  • These rights should be given automatically by the employer.
  • In event that there is a violation of the worker's rights, a claim can be filed to the labor court. For an explanation on how to submit the claim see the Justice Ministry website.

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