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Oncology patients, patients with chronic renal failure and bone marrow transplant recipients are eligible for funding of travel expenses from their health plan and in certain cases for those accompanying them.
Patients are entitled to full coverage of travel expenses on public transportation. Patients who travel by ambulance or taxi are eligible for coverage of 50% of travel expenses. (Patients who travel in a ambulance, and are hospitalized are eligible for Full Funding
Patients who travel by private car are entitled to a reimbursement according to the cost of public transportation, or according to a calculation of the distance in kilometers - depending on each health plan's policies
Patients who have received a partial reimbursement from their health plan may contact their local authority's social services office to receive a reimbursement for the remainder of the transportation costs

  • Health plans cover travel expenses for medical treatment for cancer, dialysis patients and bone marrow transplant patients.
  • Reimbursement Rates for Health Funds:
    • Patients are entitled to a full reimbursement of travel expenses from their home to the hospital and back based on public transportation costs.
    • Patients who travels by ambulance or taxi will receive a reimbursement of 50% of the costs.( Sometimes the reimbursement is only granted if the transport occurs through ambulances which the health fund has an agreement with.)
    • Patients who are hospitalized after they were transported in an ambulance or an Intensive Care Unit are entitled to Full Financing.
  • Dialysis and cancer patients who have received a partial reimbursement from their health plan may contact their local authority's social services office to receive a reimbursement for the remainder of the transportation costs. The reimbursement will be granted dependent on the local authority's budget.

Who is eligible?

How to claim it?

  • Patients wishing to receive travel reimbursement must contact their health plan and present the following documentation:
    • Confirmation from the hospital or the institution where they receive treatment. Be sure that the date of treatment appears on the document confirming receipt of treatment.
    • Receipts for travel according to the type of transportation taken (receipts from bus, taxi, ambulance or the purchase of fuel).
    • Patients who travel in their own private vehicle for treatment must contact their health plans for more information about how to receive a reimbursement and the reimbursement amount.
    • Patients requesting to receive a reimbursement for remaining costs from the local authority's social services office must provide up-to-date documentation indicating income, copies of receipts, details about appointment dates at the hospital and details regarding the amount of reimbursement received from the health plan.

Reimbursements for Private Car Travel

  • Maccabi Health Services - For private car travel, reimbursement will be provided according to round-trip mileage based on the following calculation: the number of treatments multiplied by the price of a liter of 95 octane fuel including gas station service fees multiplied by the number of kilometers, divided by 10. For details, see the Maccabi Health Plan website.
  • All other health plans - For private car travel, patients will receive a reimbursement equal to the cost of round-trip public transportation between their home and the hospital.

Reimbursement for Accompanying a Patient

  • A person accompanying a patient on public transport, may receive a partial funding for travel expenses, in accordance with the patient's HMO.
  • It is recommended to clarify the entitlement with each health fund individually.

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