Discounts for Cancer Patients on Medications Not in the Healthcare Basket (Service)

Pharmacies around the country give a discount on some drugs for cancer treatment which are not included in the healthcare basket.
The discount in pharmacies is not provided for all drugs that are not in the basket. It is recommended to compare prices for several pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies that market a specific drug.

List of Pharmacies

  • Remez Pharmacy
Yigal Alon St. 29, Ramat Alon, Haifa
Delivery throughout the country.
  • Telepharma Pharmacy
Tulipman St. 7, Rishon Lezion
Free delivery throughout the country.
  • Michelin Pharmacy
Rechter Center, Eilat
  • Doron Pharmacy
Geula 6, Raanana
Tel: 09-7716084 Fax: 09-7715302
Free delivery throughout the country.
  • Spinoza Pharmacy
Katznelson Street 51, Givatayim
No delivery.
  • Ahad Haam Pharmacy
Ahad Haam 26, Rechovot
No delivery.
  • Mercaz Tzafon Pharmacy
Ben Yehuda 200, Tel Aviv
Delivery throughout the country.
  • Varda Pharmacy
Tchernihovski St. 67, Rechovot
Tel: 08-9451449
Fax: 08-9495325
  • Teva Yishai Pharmacy
Ussishkin St. 24, Afula
Tel: 04-6424606
Fax: 04-6594650
10% discount for oncology patients on all pharmacy products.
King George St. 54, Tel Aviv
Tel: 528881803
Fax: 528192603
Delivery throughout the country.
Special discounts for oncology patients.
  • HaNasi Pharmacy
Hadera 04-6324231
  • Amaral Pharmacy
Givat Zeev, Jerusalem
  • Dr. Grossman Pharmacy
Katzenellenbogen St. 506, Har Nof, Jerusalem
  • Faradis Pharm Pharmacy
Manager: Abahreh Fawzi, available 24 hours a day
Home deliveries.
Big discounts on medications which are not in the health basket.
Discounts on pharmacy products.
  • Moshenzon Pharmacy
Ben Yehuda 83, Tel Aviv 03-5222481
Drugs for cancer patients at cost.
  • Pharma Shop Pharmacy
Derech Sharon 12, Sharona Center, Kfar Saba
Drugs for cancer patients at cost.
  • HaRibua HaYarok Pharmacy
HaMesilah 21, Binyamina
Drugs for cancer patients at cost.