Electricity Bill Discount for Disabled Child Benefit Recipients (Right)

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Disabled Child Benefit recipients are entitled, subject to specific conditions of eligibility, to an electricity bill discount, as of 01.05.2012
The discount is 50% off for the first 400kwH of residential consumption per month
For more information, see the Israel Electric Company website
  • As of 01.05.2012 and subject to specific conditions of eligibility, Disabled Child Benefit recipients are entitled to an electricity bill discount.
  • The discount is given every month and is worth 50% off the first 400KwH of usage each month, at the residential rates, and is valid for homes that are used for residential purposes only.
  • Due to the fact that the electricity bill comes every two months, the discount is given for 800KwH of usage on each bill.

Who is Eligible?

For example, parents of a child with autism will be entitled to the discount if they receive a Disabled Child Benefit supplement because their child is completely dependent on others.

How to Claim It?

  • Every month, the National Insurance Institute sends an updated list of those who are eligible to the electric company.
  • The National Insurance Institute also sends a notification of eligibility to everyone who is eligible.
  • The discount is only given automatically on the electricity bill for those whose information appearing in the electric company's records matches the information received from the National Insurance Institute. The discount is given according to the name and identification number of the person who is entitled, as he/she is registered as the benefit recipient.
  • Those who have been notified of their eligibility for the discount from the National Insurance Institute, but for whom the discount has not yet appeared on the electricity bill should call the customer service center by dialing 103 toll-free and update their name and identification number information with the representative.

Continued eligibility for adults

  • One who receives Disabled Child Benefit and has reached the age of 18 and 3 months, will have his/her disability status re-evaluated in the National Insurance Institute as an adult.
  • For one who is found eligible for the Special Services Benefit (Attendance Allowance), in the amount of 105% or less, should give over his/her details (name + identity number) to the electric company as eligible to receive a discount.
  • In this case, in order to receive the discount from the electric company, one must register his/her electric contract in the name of the child (name + identity number). One can do this by calling the electric company's call center 103 (toll free from a landline or HOT).

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