Employing a Foreign Nursing Care Worker

From All Rights (Kol-Zchut) (www.kolzchut.org.il)

This portal provides information on the processes related to employing a foreign nursing care worker, as well as the terms of that employment.

Those who do not reside in a long-term care facility, but who need supervision from a full-time nursing professional are eligible to receive a permit to employ a foreign worker. The information presented here is divided into three parts which constitute the process of employing a foreign nursing care worker:

  • Eligibility criteria and obtaining recognition as a long-term care patient
  • Process of obtaining permits to recruit and employ a foreign nursing care worker
  • Terms of employing a foreign worker including workers' rights with which the employer is obligated comply

Important: A foreign worker is entitled to all the rights of an Israeli worker, including pension contributions, severance pay ect. To avoid legal proceedings and frustration, those employing foreign workers are obligated to financially prepare themselves in case of termination of employment, dismissal of the employee or the employer's death.

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