Exemption from Payment of Hospital Parking Fees (Right)

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According to guidelines from the Ministry of Health, government hospitals are not allowed to charge parking fees to people with disabilities, dialysis patients, those receiving chemotherapy or radiation treatment, parents of premature infants, or other visitors described in the guidelines
The exemption is intended for one vehicle per family
In practice, full exemptions are sometimes not given, so it is recommended to clarify specific details regarding parking arrangements in each individual hospital

Medical Administration Directive 32/2011, which was published on 17.08.2011, establishes that government hospitals which operate parking areas, either directly or through a subcontractor, may not charge parking fees in the specific circumstances described.
If a private parking area is adjacent to the hospital or if the parking area is on property rented from the hospital, the hospital's management must reach an agreement with the owners or operators of the parking area with regard to exemptions from parking fees.
List of government hospitals:

Who is Eligible?

  • The following groups of people are eligible for the exemption for one vehicle only:
    • Ambulatory (outpatient) dialysis patients and their companions
    • Ambulatory (outpatient) cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatment and their companions
    • Other ambulatory patients who must come to the hospital at least twice per week for at least a month from the beginning of treatment
    • Parents of premature infants
    • Disabled parking permit holders
    • Family members of someone who has been hospitalized for a period of more than 30 days
    • Family members of hospitalized soldiers, according to an attached request approval from the Medical Liaison Unit (HAYAKAR) (RAM 2)
    • On-duty military vehicles driven by a soldier in uniform
    • Any vehicle parked for less than 30 minutes
    • Taxis and ambulances that are picking up or dropping off patients
    • Ministry of Health employees with the relevant credentials
    • Families who have received a special recommendation from the hospital's Social Services Department

How to Claim It?

  • The manner of obtaining an exemption varies according to each hospital's procedures.
  • Every government hospital is required to post clear signs explaining eligibility conditions for a parking fee exemption and which contain contact information for the person or department responsible for providing the exemption. The signs must be posted at the hospital entrance, as well as in the clinics and wards.
  • The information should also appear on general informational material given to patients and their families.

Please Note

  • The exemption is intended for one vehicle per family only.
  • There are some non-government hospitals that provide similar benefits.
  • Some of the Health-Funds allow Cancer Patients to chose the Hospital where they receive treatment. For more information check Health Plan Choice of Service Provider Arrangements to ascertain what policyholders are entitled to.

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  • Kivunim - Information center for patients and their families

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