Learning Disabilities and ADD/ADHD

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This portal contains information about the rights and services that are relevant to individuals with learning disabilities and Attention Deficit Disorder/Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADD/ADHD).

The terms "learning disability" and "ADD/ADHD" are general names for a broad range of neurological disorders that affect someone's functional and/or learning capabilities, when these difficulties do not match their abilities and/or performance in other areas of life.

  • For each age group, there are different diagnostic processes and diagnosticians:
    • Early childhood: The professional staff at a child development center should be contacted.
    • Preschool (גן חובה): An educational psychologist working on behalf of the local authorities may be contacted.
    • Primary and middle school: The child's teacher should be contacted to perform an educational intervention in the classroom using the available tools in order to check if there is a learning disability and to provide assistance accordingly. The child could then be sent for psychological counseling or for didactic diagnosis.
    • High school: From 9th grade on, if an assessment is necessary, the parents must contact a private diagnostician. Families with financial difficulties may be eligible to receive Ministry of Education funding for diagnoses prior to the matriculation examinations (Bagrut).
  • Some local authorities have developed diagnostic systems and support for those with learning disabilities. It is recommended to contact your local authority to find out if it operates a diagnostic center.

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