Live Organ Donation

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This portal contains information about live organ transplants, the different procedures and processes related to live organ donation and the benefits to which organ donors are entitled.

According to the Ministry of Health website, as of 2013 there are more than 1,000 Israeli children and adults waiting for organ transplants. Approximately 250 of them will receive an organ transplant within the next year, while approximately 100 of them will die waiting. Live organ transplant is relatively rare and is generally performed within families - between siblings and parents and children - and may only be performed for specific organs such as kidneys, liver lobes. This portal gives information about the relevant procedures related to live organ donation, as well as the rights to which live organ donors are entitled.

In general, live organ transplants that are not within a family are avoided due to concerns about organ trading. Nonetheless, and only in cases where there is Central Evaluation Committee approval, a transplant from a non-family member may be performed. One such example is the case of Mishael Chirurg, which was documented on Channel 2's show "Uvda".

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