Long-Term Care Benefit

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This portal provides information about the assistance provided by the National Insurance Institute to seniors in need of assistance performing daily activities.

The National Insurance Institute implements The Long-Term Care Insurance Law in cooperation with The Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services, The Ministry of Health, and the health plans. According to the law, the Long-Term Care Benefit is given to people who have reached retirement age, live at home in the community, and need help with daily activities (such as getting dressed, getting bathed, eating, mobility in the home, etc.), as well as elderly people who need supervision in order to prevent them from endangering themselves, or their surroundings (such as people with decreased mental faculties like Alzheimer's disease patients who are liable to endanger themselves or their surroundings if left home alone).

The benefit is provided in the form of services, and is not monetary in nature; however, in specific cases it is possible to receive a Monetary Long-Term Care Benefit to Hire a Caregiver.

You can find a list of organisations and companies that provide long term care services in local areas and their contact information via the National Insurance Institute website]

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