New Immigrants (Olim)

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This portal contains information regarding the verious rights and aid that are given to new immigrants (olim).

Thousands of Olim come to Israel every year from various countries around the world and often need support and assistance to integrate into Israeli society. The rights and benefits due to Olim being absorbed into Israel encompass many areas, such as:

  • Financial Assistance.
  • Employment Facilitation.
  • Opportunities for social and cultural integration.
  • Housing Assistance.
  • Assistance in learning Hebrew.
  • Preparation for conversion and introduction to Jewish heritage.
  • Assistance for students and pupils.
  • Special attention for young Olim at risk.
  • Counselling and assistance for Olim- individuals, families, groups or whole communities.

And much more.

Conversion (Giyur)

Aid Organizations

Government Agencies

Court Rulings

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