Old Age and Aging

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The Old Age and Aging Portal is a gateway to information about rights for the elderly public.

Most of these rights are guaranteed or provided by official laws and regulations. In this portal, information on elderly rights is divided into several topics and sub-topics:

  • Pensions and Benefits - This section includes a number of sub-topics, such as: Pension Funds, Managers Insurance, Pensions, National Insurance (Social Security), and more.
  • Housing, Healthcare, Employment, Leisure and Welfare
  • The Holocaust and World War II - This section includes all rights and benefits for Holocaust survivors, veterans, prisoners of Zion, and other related groups.
  • Abuse, Neglect, and Exploitation - This section includes information regarding rights and assistance related to these topics, as well as what to do and where to turn in case of abuse or neglect.
  • Legal Issues - This section includes information regarding the legal options for making decisions earlier, prior to future situations in which it is possible that an individual may not be able to express his/her will. Legal planning includes preparation of legal documents in various areas connected to property, medical treatment, burial, and other matters related to end of life.
  • Demography and Geography - This section includes information related to elderly who are needy and/or immigrants, as well as elderly drivers and other general rights for the elderly.

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