Supportive Home Care (Palliative Care) (Right)

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The health plans operate special units for medical, assistive and rehabilitation care for patients who are home-bound
Patients in advanced stages of disease can be provided with supportive care as part of hospice care
  • The health plans operate special medical, long-term care, and rehabilitation home care units for patients who are home-bound.
  • Treatment teams include a doctor, nurse, social worker and physical therapist.
  • About a third of the patients are terminally ill, primarily cancer patients. Care of these patients is focused on helping to stabilize symptoms and providing treatment for the pain. Some of the units also provide chemotherapy at the patient's home.
  • Information about the care units operating throughout Israel, along with their contact information:

Who is Eligible?

  • Patients suffering from ailments and/or medical conditions causing them to be home-bound.

How to Claim It?

  • Requests should be submitted through a hospital or community doctor, nurse, or social worker who knows the patient and his/her family.

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