This page gives important information from the Ministry of Labor and Social Services for deaf and hearing impaired people during the coronavirus crisis
For additional information see the deaf and hearing impaired page on the Ministry of Labor and Social Services website

Communication allowance for the deaf and hearing impaired

Translation and transcription services

Translation services provided by Shmaya

Call center for remote translation to sign language

  • The Ministry of Welfare, Shema and Tikshoov operate a communications center providing remote sign language translation services.
  • How to receive the service:
    • Download the "remote translation" app which needs a username and password.
    • Video call ‎053-4623966 to receive a username and password.
    • Alternatively (or if the line is busy) you can send a recorded sign language message, or a written whatapp or SMS and the center will return your call.
  • The hours of operation: Sunday-Thursday 9:00-17:00 and Fridays 8:00-12:00.
    • On Passover the call center will be close on the holiday eves and open from 8:00-12:00 on the intermediate days (Chol Hamoed).
  • The service will be available free of charge and without the need for advance registration until 01.05.2020.

Legal assistance for issues relating to domestic violence

  • In cases of domestic violence you can contact the Justice Ministry's legal aid department.
  • If your eligibility is approved you will be assigned a lawyer to represent you in court within a short period of time.
  • If there is a need the lawyer will contact a translator via video call in order to provide sign language translation during the hearing.
  • For additional information see the Justice Ministry's website.

Help Centers

Government Agencies

Government Agencies Call Center Expedited Services
Commission for Equal Rights of Persons with Disabilities Contact form*6763
The National Insurance Institute National hotline ‎[tel:*6050 *6050 ] General questions form
The Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Social Services (Guidance for Citizens) 118
The Population and Immigration Authority National Information and Service hotline ‎[tel:*3450 *3450 ] Online contact form for issues related to employment of foreign workers during the coronavirus outbreak
The Ministry of Health Kol HaBriut call center*5400
Home Front Command Civil Emergency Hotline (non-medical) 104

Organizations and Additional Authorities

Organization Center details and website link Hotline number
United Hatzalah, Israel Association of Community Centers, and Lev Echad Emergency Hotline for Humanitarian Assistance During the Corona Crisis 1221 (no star)
Yad Sarah Delivery of medical equipment to the house 02-6444639
Lev Echad Assistance with shopping, gathering medications etc. 02-6762044
Friends for Health Medications for Home-bound Individuals 054-7123930
Beit Issie Shapira Hotline to Assist People with Disabilities with Emotional Difficulties, Anxiety and Stress 073-241770, ‎050-2815232 (Arabic)
ALEH Hotline for families of children and adults with disabilities 1-800-201-077
Enosh Phone and Internet Hotline for People Coping with Emotional Issues and their Families 074-7556155
AKIM Parents' Hotline 1-800-399-333
IDF Veterans' Organization and the Organization for Trauma Victims Support and Emotional Assistance for IDF Veterans 1-800-363-363
HMOs Emotional Support Hotline for Clalit members

Emotional Support Hotline for Maccabi members



Eran and the Israel Trauma Coalition Help hotline for those suffering from corona related anxiety 1201 ext. 6
Tamar - Eran and the Israel Trauma Coalition Arabic help hotline for those suffering from corona related anxiety 1201 ext. 2


  • The information on this page was written with the assistance of the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Social Services.
  • This page is translated and maintained by the Shira Pransky project