Bus stops must be handicap accessible
All central bus stations and bus terminals must be handicap accessible by 2014

Bus Stop Accessibility

  • Bus stops are required to have the following means of accessibility:
    • Accessible sidewalk leading to the bus stop.
    • Next to the stop facing the bus, there must be an open area large and empty enough to enable opening of the ramp from the bus onto the sidewalk so that someone in a wheelchair will have adequate space to maneuver and board the bus. This is under the responsibility of the local authority.
    • The bus operator must install two types of signs for the visually impaired with the route number and destination:
    1. A large-print sign with black writing on a yellow background.
    2. A sign including the information in a tactile writing system and Braille.
    • If a bus stop is covered - The floor of the covered area must be at the same level as the sidewalk and there must be enough room under the covered area for a wheelchair to fit (80 X 120 cm).

Central Bus Station Accessibility

  • There must be an accessible path from the outside bus stops to the central bus station entrance.
  • The entrances and the entire central bus station complex must be accessible.
  • Information on the time tables must be accessible, be able to be conveyed by fax and telephone and be in large print.
  • The information booth must be marked using contrasting colors, and have a low-frequency buzzer installed to help the visually impaired locate the booth.
  • The telephone booth must be low enough that it is accessible for someone in a wheelchair.
  • Stairs, walls, doors and clear partitions in the station must be marked for the visually impaired.
  • If there are automatic machines for obtaining information or issuing tickets, at least one of these machines must have instructions written in a tactile writing system and Braille.
  • The electronic information boards at the station (that indicate times and destinations) must display the information in yellow on a dark background without the letters moving across the board.

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