All train stations in Israel must be accessible to people with disabilities
All trains must have at least one accessible car.
Train travel for someone with disabilities may be coordinated in advance by calling 03-6117020.
A person who has a certificate of blindness can purchase (in the Center for the Blind in Israel store) a remote for the sound system that gives voice directions in the train stations, (at a subsidized rate of NIS 15).

According to The Equal Rights for People with Disabilities Regulations (Public Transportation Services Accessibility Arrangement), all train stations in Israel must be accessible (according to the regulations, this process had to have been completed by 2012).

  • Each train must have at least one handicap-accessible car marked with the International Symbol of Access (ISA) (a person in a wheelchair).

Train Station Accessibility

  • The regulations establish in which ways the train stations need to be accessible:
    • There must be an accessible route from the bus stops outside the station to the station entrance.
    • The station entrance and the entire station complex must be accessible.
    • Information on the time tables must be accessible, be able to be conveyed by fax and telephone and be in large print.
    • The information booth must be marked using contrasting colors, and have a low-frequency buzzer installed to help the visually impaired locate the booth.
    • The telephone booth must be usable and accessible for someone in a wheelchair.
    • Stairs, walls, doors and clear partitions in the station must be marked for the visually impaired.
    • If there are automatic machines for obtaining information or issuing tickets, at least one of these machines must have instructions written in a tactile writing system and Braille.
    • The electronic information boards at the station (that indicate times and destinations) must display the information in yellow on a dark background without the letters moving across the board.

Definition of an Accessible Train Car

  • A train car is defined as accessible when it has:
    • Wide doors and aisle, as well as places to sit that are accessible for people in wheelchairs.
    • Armrests that are able to be raised in the seats designated for people with disabilities.
    • Designated seating areas for people with disabilities (the visually impaired and people in wheelchairs).
    • Announcement of station stops using both visual and auditory means.
    • The entrances/exits, stairs, hand grips, handles and knobs are marked in bright colors.

Assistance for Travelers with Disabilities

  • People in wheelchairs and the blind/visually impaired are entitled to assistance getting on and off the train, as well as reserved seating in an accessible train car. As of 13.02.2013, the regulation requiring passengers to inform Israel Railways in advance in order to receive special assistance has been canceled.

How to get Information Regarding Station and Train Accessibility

  • Accessible stations and trains are marked with the International Symbol of Access (ISA), and the information may be found in the following ways:


  • Information regarding accessibility of stations appears on the Israel Railways website on each station’s webpage, on the webpage listing all the stations, as well as throughout the website’s trip planning process.
  • Information regarding accessibility of trains is presented throughout the trip planning process.


  • Accessible stations are marked by the International Symbol of Access (ISA), which appears between the name of the station in Hebrew and the name of the station in English.
  • An accessible train is marked by the International Symbol of Access (ISA), which appears at the top of the page, above the train number.

National Call and Customer Service Center

  • The call and customer service center offers detailed information regarding train and station accessibility. Passengers may also notify the center in advance if someone in a wheelchair or a blind/visually impaired person is traveling so that they may receive assistance.
  • Call center: ‎03-6117000 or ‎*5770
  • The hearing impaired may contact the center via fax: 03-6104337, and should provide a fax number that a replay can be sent to.
  • The center operates Sunday-Thursday 06:00-23:00, Friday 06:00-15:00, Saturday night from approximately one half hour after the end of Shabbat until 23:00.

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