Dear donor,

We are an NGO and as such we depend on YOU. Here are a few facts that may be of value to you.

  • Our approved 2014 budget is about $ 750,000, including $ 160,000 of in-kind donations (see below)
  • Up to now most of the donations came from Israeli individuals including the founders
  • Amitay Korn (the managing director) has been working with no pay since January 2010
  • Amitay's annual in-kind donation is valued at $ 95,000
  • We have received the Israel Tax exempt status (Tofes 46)
  • US donors can donate to All Rights via NIF (New Israeli Fund) and get a US tax exempt

We are doing a lot. But we can do much more!
Feel free to contact me

Amitay Korn - Managing Director

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