Israel's official language is Hebrew and as such All Rights primary site is in Hebrew. In our quest to serve the whole population of Israel, All Rights (Kol Zchut) faces some very interesting challenges:

  • Israel's second official language is Arabic, but the amount of translations of legal materials is minimal
  • There is a very large Russian speaking 'Olim' (immigrants) population
  • There is a large population of Ethiopian 'Olim' (immigrants) that speak various languages
  • The above populations are also those where entitlements consumption is low!
  • On top of that there is an on-going flow of Olim (immigrants) that need information in English, French and Spanish

All Rights is a very large database of information about Rights and Entitlements. As such, the cost of maintaining a truly up-to-date, comprehensive multilingual environment is huge.

We have decided to take a practical approach that follows these principles:

  • Develop the technology that will help us maintain at minimal cost multiple translations
  • Initial focus on Arabic translations. Luckily we have very strong partners in this area.
  • In many cases we will translate only page titles and redirect to Hebrew content. The idea is that most Arab-speaking citizens also have a fair understanding of Hebrew
  • We assume this also holds true for many immigrants
  • We intend to start also Russian translations before the end of 2012