The allowance is a monthly payment intended to help blind and visually impaired individuals with their mobility
Beginning in March 2018 everyone eligible for the allowance will receive a uniform amount of 1,337 NIS
Additionally, beginning in March 2018, women are eligible for the allowance until age 67 (instead of the previous age of 62)

The allowance is a monthly payment intended to help blind and visually impaired individuals in activities that require mobility.

  • Beginning in March 2018 everyone eligible for the allowance receives a uniform allowance amount (including those who are not studying or working) including women up to the age of 67 (instead of the previous age of 62).
  • The allowance amount is 1,337 NIS, beginning March 2018.

Who is Eligible?

  • Individuals with a permanent Certificate of Blindness/Visual Impairment who are age 18 and above, live in the community and run their own household (including those living in hostels and sheltered housing).
  • Eligible recipients must meet at least one of the following conditions:
    • Are completely blind
    • Have visual acuity of less than 1/60 in the better eye with the assistance of eyeglasses
    • Have a field of vision which is less than 10° in the better eye

Who is Not Eligible

How to Claim It?

  • The process for checking eligibility for the allowance is included automatically in the examination of eligibility for a certificate of blindness/visual impairment. Applicants are sent a personal letter informing them of the decision.
  • The process is the same for those who already have a certificate of blindness/visual impairment and are interested in only examining eligibility for the allowance (such as a minor who has a certificate of blindness/visual impairment and turns 18).
  • For more details regarding the process, see: Certificate of Blindness/Visual Impairment.
  • The allowance is paid directly into the recipients' bank account on the 28 of the month.


  • Someone who was not found eligible for the allowance is entitled to be rechecked after a year has passed.
  • Someone whose vision deteriorates is entitled to request a recheck before a year has passed, provided he/she provides documentation showing the deterioration from an eye doctor.

Prohibition of Seizing an Allowance

  • It is prohibited to seize an allowance to which a blind or visually impaired individual is entitled, even if collection proceedings have been initiated against that individual.
  • If the funds are paid to the recipient's bank account, they may not be seized from that account within 30 days of being transferred there. (After 30 days, the funds may be seized from the account if they have not already been withdrawn.)
  • For more information, see: Personal Property Exempt from Seizure in a Writ of Execution.

Please Note

  • The allowance is not considered to be income for purposes of calculating eligibility for various social services benefits.
  • If an aspect of a recipient's personal information or status (such as employment or educational status, address, etc.) changes, s/he must inform the Blind Services Department within 10 days of the change on the Change Declaration Form (Appendix D to the Provision 6.1 of the Social Work Regulations).
  • For families in which both spouses are blind/visually impaired, eligibility is calculated separately for each of them.

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