National Insurance Institute policyholders may appeal to a regional labor court regarding National Insurance Institute decisions pertaining to benefit eligibility
Appellants are entitled to request free legal aid from the Ministry of Justice's Legal Aid Division
Initial appeals of National Insurance Institute Medical Committee decisions must be submitted to the National Insurance Institute Medical Appeals Committee within 60 days; only after which a decision be appealed to a labor court
For other issues, the appeal must be submitted directly to the labor court within one year of receiving the initial decision
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National Insurance Institute policyholders who would like to appeal a National Insurance Institute decision related to benefit/entitlement eligibility may do so to a regional labor court.

  • Regional labor court decisions may be appealed to the National Labor Court.
  • Appellants are entitled to free legal aid from the Ministry of Justice.

Target Audience and Prerequisites

  • National Insurance Institute policyholders wishing to appeal a National Insurance Institute decision related to a benefit/entitlement claim.

To Whom and How to Apply

  • National Insurance Institute decisions may be appealed to the regional labor court closest to the claimant's place of residence.
  • The appeal must be filed within 12 months from the day that written communication was received from the National Insurance Institute.
  • One can appeal a decision of the regional labor courts to the National Labor Court in Jerusalem.

Appeals Relating to Disability and Nursing

  • If the appeal is related to the level of disability or incapacity:
    • For matters relating directly to one's level of incapacity, appeals should be brought to ones local National Insurance branch with 60 days of receiving the decision regarding legal questions alone.
    • Decisions by the appeals committee can only brought to appeal on legal grounds at the the local labor court within 60 days of receiving the appeals committee decision.
  • Appealing a decision about levels of dependency in the context of a Long-Term Care Benefit:
  • Appealing a decision of the claims clerk on other issues:
    • The appeal should be submitted directly to the regional labor courts within a year of receiving the decision that you wish to appeal.

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