The Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services assists in purchasing assistive devices to improve the functioning of blind individuals

The Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services subsidizes assistive devices, including braille devices, that are bought to improve a blind person's functioning and aid in his/her personal and social rehabilitation.

  • Some examples of such devices are: braille machines, braille clocks (watches and alarm clocks), braille paper, braille measuring tape, braille ruler, braille globe and braille display unit.

Who is Eligible?

How to Claim It?

  • Section 4 of Provision 6.7 of the Social Work Regulations: Assistance Purchasing Assistive Devices for the Blind contains a table which includes a list of subsidized items, the level of subsidy and the depreciation period.
  • Purchase of assistive devices is performed directly through the company or organization who won the relevant Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services bid, for example: TSR Gaash, Cohen – Advanced Computer and Optical Solutions, and Let’s Talk – Assistive Technologies. The customer’s eligibility to purchase the requested device is then reviewed.
  • Likewise, any item on the list may be purchased in a different place and the eligible customer is entitled to a reimbursement from the service provider according to the amount which appears in the table. In order to receive this reimbursement, the customer must present an original tax invoice (no photocopies), a photocopy of his/her certificate of blindness/visual impairment, and a photocopy of his/her identification card (teudat zehut).

Please Note

  • Those purchasing a magnification system, voice software, computer magnification software, a braille display or a braille display with voice support, must fill out a Request for Subsidized Purchase of Computerized Equipment Form.
  • Those interested in purchasing a replacement product before the previous product’s depreciation period has ended must purchase the new product at full price.
  • For those requiring professional or vocational training, the National Insurance Institute provides assistance in the form of rehabilitation programs. This assistance is provided by the placement coordinators.
  • Those who are eligible to receive financial assistance in purchasing braille assistive devices due to another law or arrangement (such as a blind IDF veteran, a blind victim of enemy aggression, or a blind work accident victim) are not eligible to also receive this assistance.
  • Someone whose request was not approved may appeal the decision by contacting the RASHAT (seeing, hearing and technology) services in the Disabilities Department.

Laws and Regulations