There are many organizations to help cancer patients purchase or borrow of wigs
The health plans provide Health Plan Funding of Wigs for Cancer Patients, but the level of coverage depends on the plan and type of insurance
For more information see "Kol Habriut"

  • Various organizations lend wigs, or provide assistance in purchasing wigs for cancer patients who have lost their hair as the result of treatment. The organizations also provide related support, assistance and guidance.
  • A number of hospitals have private salons in close proximity to their oncology departments.

The Israel Cancer Association

Pele Organization - A Wig for Every Woman

Zichron Menachem

Hadadi - The Support Center For The Breast Cancer Survivor

Salons in hospitals

  • A number of hospitals in the country have private salons, some volunteers, but, as with every purchase, you should check and compare prices beforehand.
  • Hospital social workers can help, especially for those who have financial difficulties.
  • The following hospitals have salons:

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