ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) is marked by a combination of significant difficulties in: maintaining concentration, focusing on relevant stimuli, paying attention to details, high distractibility, organizational difficulties; forgetfulness and objects loss, etc.
Some children who have ADHD also show characteristics of impulsivity and hyperactivity, such as restlessness, the need to move around, difficulty waiting in line and talking without thinking.
Currently, ADHD is considered to be the most common disorder, and it is diagnosed by specialists including neurologists, pediatricians, and child and youth psychiatrists who have been certified to diagnose ADHD.

The Healthcare System

Diagnosis and Paramedical Treatments

  • The health plans cover ADHD diagnoses and treatment by a multidisciplinary team at child development facilities for children and teenagers up to age 18.
  • Diagnoses for the purpose of placing the child into an educational framework, or for having the education framework make adjustments for the child are provided by the health funds for children aged 3 to 6, based on an agreement with the Ministry of Education.
  • For more information see Evaluations in the Kupat Cholim for Children with ADD/ADHD
  • Children up to age 6 are eligible for multidisciplinary treatment for ADHD. For additional information see ADHD Treatment in the Kupat Cholim (Health Fund).

Disability and Pensions

Tax Breaks for Parents


Matriculation Examination (Bagrut) Accommodations

Psychometric Testing Accommodations

  • Students with learning disabilities may take the Psychometric Test under modified conditions if their request is approved. For more information see: Psychometric Testing Accommodations.

Post-Secondary School Accommodations





Vocational Rehabilitation

Certification Examination Accommodations

Additional Information

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Government agencies

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  • Original information was provided by Nitzan and it is based on the "Students with Learning Disabilities" booklet published by the Ministry of Education.
  • Original translation performed by The Shira Pransky Project as part of a grant from The Fellowship Fund.