Batei Talmid are educational and rehabilitative programs designed to make learning systems accessible, strengthen skills, and provide social support for blind and visually impaired students

Batei Talmid are special regional educational-rehabilitative frameworks for blind and visually impaired students that are operated in cooperation with the Ministry of Education.

  • The main goal of Batei Talmid is to make learning and rehabilitation systems accessible for the students, to strengthen their functional skills, to enhance their independence and give them social support within their group of peers.

List of Batei Talmid

Haifa Region

  • Haifa – MARSHAL, HaGefen St. 32, Haifa
  • Haifa – Ir HaCarmel
  • Megiddo - “Omarim” Megiddo Regional Council School
  • Umm al-Fahm - MARSHAL Umm al-Fahm
  • Shfaram – MARSHAL Shfaram
  • Nazareth – The AlManarah Organization

Tel Aviv Region

  • Ramat Gan – MARSHAL Ramat Gan
  • Tel Aviv - The Gordon School
  • Petah Tikva – The Amishav Community Center
  • Rechovot – Beit Miriam
  • Taybeh – Beit Tapuach Pais
  • Netanya – The Uziel School

Jerusalem Region

  • Jerusalem - The Institute for the Blind
  • Jerusalem - East Jerusalem
  • Ashdod – MARSHAL Ashdod

Southern Region

  • Segev Shalom – The Ricuzi School
  • Beer Sheva – Moadon L’Ever

Who is Eligible?

  • Blind and visually impaired students

How to Claim It?

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