All new mothers are entitled to breastfeeding instruction from a certified lactation consultant once per day for as long as they are in the hospital after childbirth.
After the mother is released from the hospital she can receive breastfeeding instruction and support at the Family Health Centers (Tipat Halav).
For more information see the Breastfeeding and Feeding the Baby on the Ministry of Health website.
For information about receiving breastfeed guidance through the health funds supplemental insurance, see the "Kol Habriut" website.

The Ministry of Health has instructed the maternity wards to encourage, support and protect breastfeeding by taking measures including: assisting new mothers to nurse within the first half hour after childbirth; providing instruction regarding how to begin and continue nursing (including pumping of breast milk); and allowing rooming in for new mothers and their newborn infants (having babies by their mothers' side) at all times during their hospital stay.

Who is Eligible?

  • All women who have given birth.

How to Claim It?

Instruction in the Hospital

  • Instruction regarding breastfeeding should be given once per day in the maternity ward, on every day the mother is in the hospital following birth.
  • If a lactation consultant does not contact the mother following childbirth, the mother should contact a maternity ward nurse in order to make an appointment with a nurse who is a certified lactation consultant.
  • For a list of certified lactation consultants by area, see the Ministry of Health's Website.

Instruction in the Community

  • After the mother is released from the hospital she can receive breastfeeding instruction and support at the Family Health Centers (Tipat Halav) located around the country.
  • She can also receive guidance from a lactation consultant through the supplemental insurance of her health fund (each health fund has its own rules). For more information see the "Kol Habriut" website.

Content of the Instruction

  • Instruction regarding breastfeeding from a certified lactation consultant must include the following topics:
  • The importance of breastfeeding and its benefits.
  • Signs of effective breastfeeding.
  • The frequency and duration of breastfeeding.
  • Breastfeeding techniques.
  • Common difficulties the mother and baby may face during the breastfeeding process.
  • Pumping and storing breast milk.

Please Note

  • Women working full-time, or at least 174 hours per month, are entitled to work one hour less per day without it affecting their salary for the first four months after returning from maternity leave. (This entitlement is not contingent on actually breastfeeding and maybe divided between the spouses.) For more information see Nursing Time at Work (Parenting Hour).

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