Cancer Patients

Hebrew source: חולי סרטן
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This portal contains extensive information about the special treatments (such as chemotherapy) and about the social rights entitled to cancer patients.

Cancer today, is now generally related to as a form of chronic illness. A cancer patient must not only fight the disease, but the patient and his/her family must be aware of all of their rights regarding treatment within the healthcare system, as well as their options for financial and emotional support.

Counseling, Support and Rehabilitation

  • Support Groups for Cancer Patients
  • [[:he:יד להחלמה - סיוע לחולות סרטן השד מטעם מתנדבות האגודה למלחמה בסרטן (שירות)

|Yad L'Hachlama - Assistance to Breast Cancer Patients from the Israel Cancer Association]]

Aid organizations

Government agencies

Court Rulings

Laws & Regulations

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