A certificate of disability is given to disability pension recipients (and as of 2017 it is given in certain cases even if the person does not actually receive the disability pension)
In order to receive the discounts, a photo ID must be presented in addition to the certificate of disability

A certificate of disability is sent to National Insurance Institute disability pension recipients and entitles them to receive benefits from various entities.

  • Beginning in January 2017, a certificate of disability may also be granted, in certain cases (detailed below), to people who don't actually receive a disability pension.
  • The certificate bears the name of the disabled person and his ID number without a photo. When presenting the certificate, in order to actualize the benefits, one must also present identification bearing a photograph.
  • Currently, disabled certificates are bilingual- Hebrew and English.

Who is Eligible?

How to Claim It?

  • The certificate is automatically sent after the benefit/pension has been approved (or renewed following a temporary benefit/pension).
  • To ensure the arrival of the certificate, one should confirm that the address in the National Insurance Institute is updated.
  • Someone who has not received a certificate, or who lost it, must contact the National Insurance Institute branch closest to his/her place of residence. Click here to find the nearest branch.
  • A Foster Family who did not get a certificate because of a mistaken or lack of registration with the National Insurance Institute should contact their Foster Supervisor at the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Social Services.
  • The certificate is valid for 7 years or until benefit/pension eligibility expires, the earlier of the two.
  • When 7 years have passed, if the benefit/pension eligibility continues, a new certificate will be sent.

Certificate holder benefits

Exemption from waiting on line and payment for the escort of the disability recipient

  • On 01.10.2013 the following rule, which exempts the escorts of certain populations from payment and from waiting on line, came into effect. See: Equal rights for people with (appropriating access to services)-2013.
  • Adjustments were made to the certificate for the disabled and eligible populations, including the addition to the words "exempt from payment for escort" or "exemption from waiting in line and from payment for escort", without specifying the type or scope of the disability (see red mark):

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