Chemotherapy requires patients to come for treatments in the hospital several times per week over an extended period of time. This can cause many problems including absence from work, travel costs, parking fees, etc., without even taking into account the many side effects of the treatment. There are many rights and benefits aimed at trying to make life easier for the patients throughout this process.

Rights due to Medical Disability

  • During the course of chemotherapy treatment, medical disability is usually determined to be 100%.
  • This medical disability entitles one to various rights which are not dependent on eligibility for general disability (such as Income Tax Exemption).

Allowances and Benefits



Waiting Time for Surgeries for Cancer Patients

Choosing a Hospital

Sick Days for Family Members

  • Sick Days Due to an Ill Spouse - Employees are entitled to up to 60 absent days within a year for a malignant disease of their spouse.
  • Sick Days Due to an Ill Child - A parent can is entitled to up to 90 absent days within a year for a malignant disease of a child under the age of 18 (and up to 110 days, if he/she is the only parent who takes absent days from his/her employment)

Transportation and Mobility

Fertility Preservation

Additional Rights and Benefits

Patients' Rights by Health Plan

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