Language and speech therapies are provided to children with hearing impairment by a communications clinician as part of the Child Development Services

Hearing impaired children are entitled to language and speech therapies through the framework of the healthcare basket's Child Development Services

Who is Eligible?

  • Children ages 0-3 are entitled to unlimited communication therapy services without a co-payment as long as they are referred to for the therapy by their health plan or a relevant specialist on its behalf.
  • Children ages 3-6 are entitled to 27 communication therapy sessions per year and require co-payments.
  • Children ages 6-9 are entitled to 9 communication therapy sessions per year and require co-payments.
  • Children above age 9 are entitled to communication therapy services at special Ministry of Education centers for children with hearing impairment. The services are provided free of charge and the number of sessions provided is determined according to a professional opinion.
  • Those over age 18 are entitled to 20 communication therapy sessions per year and require co-payments, on the condition that there is a referral from a district communications clinician.

Treatments Provided by Supplemental Insurance=

  • Above the maximum services provided as part of the healthcare basket, additional services are provided at discounted rates as part of supplementary insurance offered by the health plans.
  • It is recommended to contact the health plan to clarify such entitlements before beginning therapy.
  • For more information on the arrangements of each health fun, see the Ministry of Health website.

Please Note

  • All services are provided by the health plans or service providers on their behalf (except for children ages 9-18 for whom services are provided by the Ministry of Education, as described above).

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