Every child above age 3 that resides in Israel for more than 3 months is included in The Compulsory Education Law and is entitled to learn in an institution that is recognized by and registered with the Ministry of Education, regardless of his parents' legal status
The Ministry of Education, local authorities and school directors are obligated to provide a full education to these children according to their needs

The Compulsory Education Law applies to all children over age 3 that live in Israel for over 3 months, regardless of their parents legal status or how they are registered in the population registry.

  • This provision also applies to school aged children of foreigners who reside in Israel, regardless of the formal status of their parents (work permit holders, asylum seekers, etc.).
  • The Ministry of Education, local authorities, and school principals are obligated to provide these students an education, according to their needs.
This includes psychological services, follow-up, regular visits, compulsory education free of charge for children aged 3-4 and a long school day in places where these laws apply.

Who is Eligible?

  • Every child above age 3 that resides in Israel for over 3 months.

How to Claim It?

Please Note

  • For those children who do not have an ID, alternative solutions must be found with the help of the educational institution.
  • Payments may vary according to the instructions of the Ministry of Education.
  • For more information contact the Ministry of Education's Public Inquiries Department

Aid Organizations

  • Assaf - Aid Organization for Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Israel

Government Agencies

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