If the Kupat Cholim is unable to schedule surgery that is part of treatment for cancer patients and blood disorder patients within the established maximum waiting times can contact their Kupat Cholim's arrangement's center to schedule an earlier appointment for them
The arrangements center is responsible for providing a payment voucher in order to carry out the surgery with a service provider with which the kupat cholim has an agreement
The date the arrangements center gives for the surgery will be earlier than that offered by the kupat cholim, but may be longer than the wait time set for that surgery

Cancer Patients and patients with blood disorders that need specific surgeries are entitled to have the surgeries performed within a maximum wait time: up to 30 days for Cancer Patients and up to 21 days for patients with blood disorders. See Surgery Waiting Period for Cancer and Blood Disorder Patients

  • When the kupat cholim could not find a surgery date within the proscribed waiting times, the patient can contact the kupat cholim's arrangements center to schedule an appointment for an earlier date than the one offered by the kupat cholim.

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