This portal contains information regarding the rights of the deaf and those who suffer from hearing loss as well as how to claim them.

More than ten percent of the population suffers from hearing loss that manifests by partial or complete loss of the ability to hear.  Every third person over 65 is hard of hearing. Hearing loss affects all segments of the population and all socioeconomic groups. A hearing impairment can make it difficult for people to communicate and integrate into society and it may expose them to various risks as well. Accordingly, there are a wide range of rights and relevant services for the deaf and hearing impaired population. (Some of these rights depend on the degree of impairment, as detailed on those specific pages, and some are not dependent on it.)

Aid organizations

For a comprehensive categorized listing of healthcare organizations offering assistance and support to people with disabilities, click here.

The following organizations offer assistance to the deaf and hearing impaired:

Government agencies

Court Rulings

Laws & Regulations

Communication Services Allowance

Additional publications