Dental clinics run on behalf of The Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Social Services are located around the country and specialize in treating people with various disabilities.
Depending on the eligibility guidelines, the treatments are given free of charge or at a subsidized rate.

Dental treatment for people with various disabilities requires physical accessibility, special accommodations and varied communication methods depending on the type of disability.

Who is Eligible?

Eligible for Treatment Free of Charge

Eligible for Subsidized Treatments

How to Claim the Service

  • Contact the clinic from the list of clinics directly and make an appointment.

List of Clinics

מרפאה כתובת טלפון פקס רופא אחראי
Alvine Henrietta Szold 20, Jerusalem 02-6310703 02-5718775 Dr. Moshe Einhorn
Tlalim Vardinon 1, Dimona 08-6820666 ext. 5 ו-120 08-6550144 Dr. Chalil AlSayid
Yedidya P.O. Box 40144 Maale HaChamisha, Harei Yehudah, Mevaseret Tziyon 90805 02-5796374 02-5791569 Dr. Moshe Einhorn
Kfar Nachman Derech Kfar Nachman, P.O. Box 69, Raanana 43100 09-7701538 09-7746912 Dr. Ayelet Fine
Nofim Nof Kinneret, Moshav Migdal, Tiberias 14950 04-6792440 04-6790839 Dr. Fuad Chashivon 052-6418157
Neve Kineret Beit Hillel 19, Tiberias Illit 04-6737568 04-6735843 Dr. Fuad Chashivon
Neve Menashe Hefer 38814 04-6270897 04-6272485 Dr. Mordechai Albert
Neurim P.O. Box 6, Gush Tel Mond 40605 09-7961911 ext. 4 ו- 223 09-7966686 Dr. Ofer Amarani
Savion The Protected Community of Savion, Binyamina Industrial Area, Road 652, P.O. Box 22, Binyamina 30500 04-6180714 04-6268950 Dr. Sharon Ben Yosef
Santorium המאה ואחד, רמת בן צבי , נס ציונה 70450 Road 101, Ramat Ben Tzvi, Nes Tsiona 70450 Dr. Yonatan Lang
Aleh Negev Nachalat Aran, Merchavim, P.O. Box 331, Ofakim 80300 073-2360531 (טלפקס) Dr. Chalil Alsid
Atidot Achad Ha'am 28, Akko 24101 04-9550189 04-9811926 Dr. Fuad Chashivon
Ruchama Nordau 10, Kfar Saba 44102 09-7634600 ext. 3 ו- 4 09-7634609 Dr. Bat Chen Amitai
Shikma HaRav Efraim 30, Raanana 09-7757434 09-7456766 Dr. Aryeh Spiegelman
Neve Ram Kfar Chasidim P.O. Box 41, Rechasim 04-9849546 04-9849531
Netanya Nevi'im St. Dura Neighborhood, Netanya 42429 09-8644327 09-8658682 Dr. Ofer Amarani
Kishurit Kibbutz Kishur, Dar Na Bikaat Beit HaKerem 2012300 04-9085252 (טלפקס) Dr. Fuad Chashivon
Tel Aviv - Jaffa Pachad Yitzchak 8, Tel Aviv 03-5253675 Dr. Anat Kaplan
Tel Aviv - Balfour Balfour 14, Tel Aviv 03-5473968 Dr. Aryeh Spiegelman

Laws and Regulations


  • The original information was written with help from the Ministry of Social Services', Branch for the Treatment of the Intellectually and Developmentally Disabled.
  • English translation and maintenance by The Shira Pransky Project.