As part of child development services, children are eligible for medical diagnosis
Diagnosis and treatment services will be provided only under an approval granted by a health fund, by a specialist pediatric neurologist or specialist pediatrician with experience in child development
The health plans are required to provide a reimbursement for services that were purchased privately in all cases in which the waiting time for diagnostic and treatment services at the health plan was longer than that which has been established by the Ministry of Health
For more information, see Child Development Diagnosis and Rights and Services for Children with Developmental Difficulties on the Ministry of Health website

According to The National Health Insurance Law, the state is responsible for providing paramedical treatments (child development services) to children who require them due to developmental or medical problems.

  • The decision on the need for a developmental neurological medical diagnosis is a professional clinical decision unrelated to educational considerations (for information on psychological diagnosis for placement in special education, see details below).
  • Psychological evaluation will be conducted for children who need it in the opinion of the attending staff. For more information about the psychological diagnosis, see the Ministry of Health website.
  • A psycho-social assessment (INTAKE) will be given by a social worker to any child in need of the professional team's opinion.
  • Diagnostic assessments in occupational therapy, physiotherapy and communication disorders will be given in accordance with the definitions of these fields it by the Ministry of Health.

Who is Eligible?

How to Claim It?

  • Diagnostic and treatment services are only provided with health plan approval provided by a medical specialist in pediatric neurology or pediatrics with experience in the field of child development. The attending pediatric physician may provided a referral for diagnosis.
  • Diagnostic services are provided at a child development center recognized by the Ministry of Health.
  • The health plans must provide the healthcare services themselves or through service providers.
  • Parents may choose an attending medical professional from among the service providers with whom their health plan has arrangements. If the health plan is connected to more than one service provider, the health plan will established the arrangements regarding the extent of personal choice.
  • For more information about the Child Development Services see the Ministry of Health Website.
  • Treatments must be provided within a reasonable amount of time and within a reasonable distance from the patient's residence.
  • Children between the ages of 4 and 9 who do not suffer from a somatic developmental disorder or complex disability, may undergo diagnosis by a qualified medical professional, even if they are not in a facility or department which is recognized by the Ministry of Health.
  • Children who do not suffer from a somatic developmental disability, but who do suffer from a complex developmental problem (children with a disorder/disability in more than one field of child development) will be diagnosed and treated at a facility or department recognized by the Ministry of Health.
  • Depending on the outcome of the diagnosis, the child will be referred for treatment. For more information see Paramedical Treatments for Children (Child Development Services).

Wait Times for Diagnosis and Treatment

Payment for Services

  • Treatment by a multidisciplinary professional staff is provided in exchange for a co-payment from the policyholder.
  • The co-payment for a child between ages 3 and 9 who does not suffer from a somatic developmental disorder for services in the field of child development is established in Section 6 of the second addendum to the National Health Insurance Law, and is updated every year according to the increase in the healthcare cost index. (29 NIS as of January 2016).
  • Additional treatments provided through supplementary insurance also require a co-payment which varies by health plan. Supplementary insurance policyholders should check their arrangements according to their plan and level.

Co-Payment Exemptions

Psychological Evaluation for Placement in Special Education

  • Psychological diagnosis for placement in the special education system is conducted for children up to the age of 6 in the developmental services system.
  • These assessments, which are not for developmental medical needs, are funded by the Ministry of Education according to Ministry of Health tariffs.
  • Private psychological diagnoses for placement purposes only, and not for the purpose of developmental treatment, are not entitled to a refund from the health fund.
  • Repeated psychological diagnosis will be conducted as necessary. In general, there is no need to diagnose more than twice during the six years of eligibility, in addition to the first diagnosis, and there is no need for a repeat diagnosis before one year has elapsed from the previous diagnosis.

Please Note

  • Those for whom a health plan has refused to provide paramedical services may contact the National Health Insurance Law Ombudsman at the Ministry of Health.
  • Parents wishing to submit a claim against their health plan may do so through the regional labor courts in their area of residence.

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