This portal explains the different stages in filing a disability claim, as well as the different rights and benefits given to those who receive a disability benefit.

A General Disability Pension is a monthly benefit paid by the National Insurance Institute to those whose physical, mental or psychological impairments affect their ability to earn a living (or the ability of a housewife to function in the household) by at least 50%. Eligibility for the Disability Pension is also meant to give benefits in other various realms such as housing, transportation and health.

The degree of incapacity is established after a medical committee establishes the degree of medical disability in accordance with the official list of disorders and illnesses for medical examinations.

Click here to view an instructional video from the National Insurance Institute explaining how to fill out a disability pension claim form.

Aid organizations

  • For a comprehensive categorized listing of healthcare organizations offering assistance and support for people with disabilities, click here.

Government agencies

Court Rulings

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